Jason Fuller, Owner of Xtremely Fit, doesn’t play around! He is ALL about results and expects nothing less for his clients. With over 20 years of experience, Jason has a true understanding of the human body that many trainers simply do not have. Jason is an expert in weight loss, nutritional counseling, and total body fitness. He has trained some of the biggest professional athletes, business leaders, and bodybuilders all over the world! His athletes consistently out-perform their competitors and compete at the highest level.

  • Remote Fitness Training
  • BodyBuilding Prep
  • Nutrition & Performance
  • Competitive Athlete Training
I knew that anyone that had the ability to accurately assess your fitness level and make adjustments as needed simply by looking at your pictures was someone who knew what they were doing. By sticking to Jasons diet and exercise regimen I lost 21 lbs in 5 weeks, the RIGHT way. If you're willing to work hard and follow his plan, you will see results!
Crystal Denise
Redskins Cheerleader
I started training with Jason Fuller @xtremelyfitjf in 2013 and am sending out a HUGE thank you to him for sticking with me, the not typical client who is a genetically ungifted and medically disadvantaged person who passionately loves what she is doing and will never give up. It's not all about getting on the competition stage, it's all about the things you discover on your way there. The stage has radically improved my fitness level and quality of life. I am forever grateful but not done. Cheers to another off season to build and learn
Kathy Kiefer
Competitive MS Client
"Jason has a way of making me feel VERY ACCOUNTABLE! It does not matter what fitness level you are on, he is available to help your needs!"
Catesby Payne
Fly Fitness Inspiration Owner